BOOM! Nancy Pelosi JUST HUMILIATED Herself on National TV… And, IT WAS AWESOME!


For all their arrogance, snobbery, and Silicon Valley connections, you’d think that someone in Nancy Pelosi’s organization could explain Twitter parody accounts to her!

You see, when Pelosi had a press conference to talk about the Flynn resignation, she referenced — and even read a Tweet by the former National Security Advisor. Unfortunately for Pelosi, it was from a parody account!!! The name on the account even reads “Not Michael Flynn”!!

The below tweet is what set off a firestorm of confusion. Well at least for the democrats.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Elijah Cummings followed in Pelosi’s footsteps and DID THE SAME THING!

What a freaking embarrassment these people are! Do you think it’s time for Pelosi to resign or.. is it just too much fun watching this leader of the Democrats make a fool of herself every day???

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