BOOM!! With One EPIC Move Trump JUST ANNIHILATED Obamacare… It’s FINISHED!

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Trump Takes the Lead on Obamacare

Even though the Republicans in Congress passed an Obamacare repeal 6 times while Barack Obama was president, they can’t seem to get their act together and do the same thing now that they have control of the presidency and both houses of Congress!

Not one for waiting around, President Trump has taken the lead and with one executive order, GUTTED Obamacare of its bite!

Here’s what the Obamacare-related executive order does:

Americans filing taxes this year will no longer have to fill out line 61 on their tax forms that declares whether or not they’ve purchased healthcare insurance. Previously, failure to do this would allow the IRS to categorize the tax return as a silent return and reject it.

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Under Obamacare, a person who did not have insurance would have to pay a penalty or fill out a separate exemption form. Thanks to the Executive Order Trump signed on his first day in office, the key method of enforcement – financially penalizing those without insurance — is gone!

Even though the Republicans in Congress haven’t gotten their acts together and repealed Obamacare as a law, doesn’t this, in effect render it powerless and give Americans the right to insure themselves as they see fit?

Now, maybe the Republicans in congress will get it in gear and make it official!