Media Trying To Tie Trump to Russia but Never Questioned Obama About This…

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Right throughout Obama’s two terms in the white House the media was largely controlled by the state with propaganda messages being released to the masses regularly.

For example, in 2008, the state-controlled media and the intelligence community ignored all sense of proportionality and truth, when they refused to report on former consultant to the National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department Michael Ledeen’s disclosure of Obama’s unauthorized back-channel negotiations with Iran that was in violation of the Logan Act!

Investigative journalist Aaron Klein reported in Breitbart:

“Michael Ledeen, a former consultant to the National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department, penned a column at PJ Media stating Obama opened a back-channel to Iran during the 2008 presidential campaign. Ledeen said the back channel went through retired Ambassador William G. Miller, who also led the 1979 negotiating mission during the Iran hostage crisis. Ladeen wrote that Miller confirmed his back-channel involvement to him.

Wow! On Live TV ISIS Lover Says “Death to America” 5 Seconds Later… Boom!!!

“Ledeen wrote:

“The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

They now used false claims against Flynn to get him removed from Trump’s team.

What are your thoughts on these double standards?