Muslim Is Caught Carrying PIPE BOMB On Plane


A 43 year-old Muslim man was recently arrested after he was caught carrying a pipe bomb on an airplane. However, it’s what happened next that now has everyone talking…

MSN reported that Nadeem Muhammed boarded a Ryanair flight bound for the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and he was arrested upon arrival after “batteries wrapped in brown tape” were found in his bag. However, Muhammed was released on bail after he told officers the batteries were planted on him by someone else.

In a sickening twist, Muhammed was allowed to travel again right after his release. He immediately hopped on a plane to Italy, and while he was gone, tests revealed the batteries were actually a “viable device” containing sufficient explosives to cause “serious damage and loss of life” on a plane.

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Muhammed was arrested this past Sunday when he arrived back at the Manchester Airport. He has since been charged with being in possession of an explosive substance, as the device he had consisted of a “small pipe, like a large market pen” and was filled with “smokeless propellant often found in ammunition.”

He will next appear in court in March.

This shows just how dangerous radical Muslims can be, and how incompetent some authorities are in dealing with them. SHARE this story if you think Trump’s travel ban should be reinstated!