Woman Found Guilty Of Voting Illegally Since 2004 – Who She Blames Is SHOCKING!!!

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Where there is smoke there’s fire…

A woman in Fort Worth, Texas has been sentenced to 8 years in jail after being found guilty of voting illegally since 2004. Rosa Maria Ortega said that she didn’t understand the difference between “resident” and “citizen” when she cast her illegal votes for more than a decade. The kicker though is that she isn’t taking responsibility for her actions. She’s blaming non other than:


The Mexican native believes that she is being made an example out of saying that it is not fair. Prosecutor Sam Jordan said, “This is a voter rights case. Does she consider voter rights important? Yes she does,” Jordan said of the district attorney. “And she thought it was important enough to go forward to a jury and let the jury of citizens decide, and they decided pretty clearly how important they think voting rights are.”

ABC 13 Houston

ABC 13 Houston

Tarrent County prosecutors say that she will likely be deported after serving her 8 years.

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