Wow! Thug Talks Tough In Court Until He Hears His Punishment….

This cocky young thug showed no respect for our justice system. When he gets sentenced to death, he wakes up to the reality.

The 19 year old was on trial for murdering Maria Aparece after he hijacked her car with five friends as well as her boyfriend. The thugs threatened Aparece and Ngo with a shotgun and drove them around to ATMs demanding money.

They then raped her and forced her boyfriend to listen. They proceeded to bring them to the woods and shoot them both in the head.

During the trial he showed no remorse and regularly mouthed off.

Crack Dealer Given Early Prison Release By Obama and Proceeds To Murder 2 Kids and Their Mother

When he hears his sentence he throws a massive tantrum.

Check out the footage and let us know your thoughts.